Our HR Software


HRIS software in the market is too complex, difficult to maneuver and extremely expensive to implement in both dollar costs and time.  Due to this, most HRIS customers use only a portion of the HRIS software’s potential and end up frustrated with the cost and deliverable from the chosen HRIS.


myHRresults is HR software designed to provide an effective, easy to use, customizable solution for businesses to manage their employee performance management process, secure personnel file storage, paid time off management and tracking solutions.

myHRresults SOFTWARE:

myHRresults was designed by an HR professional, based on 30 years of HR experience, with the end user in mind, offering simple but intelligently designed solutions in 4 key areas.  These 4 key areas are time consuming, but necessary, tasks performed by all employers.

myHRresults is a software solution that is easy to implement and even easier to use.


  • Secure solutions for storing personnel files with 24 x 7 web access;

  • FileVision, customized agile tracking solutions that alleviate the headache of managing training, certifications testing documents;

  • Time keeping entry and paid time off tracking system;

  • Easily customizable performance management system.


Our Timekeeping solution allows our clients’ and their employees to access timesheets via the web, 24 x 7 on a PC, tablet or smart phone. Customizable pay types allow for the tracking of labor costs at a detail level that works for your business.  Save time and money with downloadable labor cost reports formatted to be easily importable into your accounting system. Our robust options and extreme user friendliness allow employees, managers and owners to stop spending time on complex administrative processes and focus on their profit generating junctions.

Our Paid Time Off solution integrates with our timekeeping system reducing the time and energy it takes to manage the Paid Time Off process.  Employees easily enter requests for time off and check their available balances via a PC, tablet or smart phone, 24 x 7. Through an email notification system everyone stays in the loop as time off requests are submitted, approved or denied.  Our software is easily customizable to allow for many different types of Paid Time Off plans and automatically load into the timesheet for payroll processing.

Overwhelmingly businesses are finding a need to move from paper files to a secure electronic storage system.  Our Secure Cloud Storage solution offers unlimited storage, customization of the structure of the storage filing system and top-notch HIPPA compliant security.  Clients have 24 x 7 access from any PC, tablet or smart phone.

In today’s business world it’s not enough to simply store documents.  You have to be able to find documents. Many businesses struggle with finding a solution that allows them to store documents in such a way that they are easily accessible when needed.  FileVision is a cutting-edge solution for locating documents quickly and easily at a moment’s notice. Clients can easily gather information for audits, unexpected inspections and certification reviews.   This customizable solution allows for customized searches for such things as required documents, annual required training or testing and certifications. Tired of searching through boxes of paperwork or searching your computer?  This innovative solution saves our clients time, headaches and money.

What if your review process drove improved performance and were intelligently designed and simple to administer?  

myHRresults has a vision for what performance reviews can and should be.  Forget the yearly administrative process and start making an impact on your company’s success.  

The myHRresults performance review solution is easily customizable for each business by building in key drivers that indicate success, then tracking those drivers through reviews and SMART goals.   

We don’t believe in the “one fit for all” mentality or that software shouldn’t be personal.  We walk our clients through the process for each position within their organization. Together drill down into the key functions for each position including how it adds to the company success, drives increased business, better productivity and, ultimately more profit to the bottom line.


From consultation to installation and ongoing support, we’ll have your back 100%.